There are a few tricky parts to the schedule a tournament.  This should help to make sure it goes through.

Under the Tournament Information
Everything under this should be pretty simple.  If your tournament doesn’t have a Tier, just put in a “F”

Tournament Director
If you don’t want to put in a phone number for the TD, put in 111-111-1111.  (We recommend that you put in a phone number.)
For the club website address you must put in the full web address.  http://www.indianadiscgolf

Sign Up and Start Time
There shouldn’t be any issues on this part.

If you don’t have a division that is offered or added extra money put in a 99.


Please make sure you fill out  any extra information that you in the additional tournament information.

When you fill out the schedule a tournament it does not go directly to the calendar.  I have to put that information in, so I can make adjustments as I put it in.  We think this is important to have all the information to help increase tournament attendance.